PM8 Release Notes

07/07/2017 Version 8.047 for Windows 10

  • A version has been created for Windows 10. The bitmap basemap support is removed from this version since the bitmap support depends on an incompatible component (that is created by Microsoft).  

01/15/2017 Version 8.047

  • Updated to the latest versions of MODFLOW-2005 v.1.11.00 and MODFLOW-NWT v.1.12. 

10/13/2016 Version 8.046

  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect display of mouse cursor coordinates on the statusbar of the PMWIN main window when using cross-section view.

06/24/2016 Version 8.045

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Layer Property Flow (LPF) package to import native MODFLOW input file correctly when the wetting capability is used.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Time Variant Specified Head (CHD) package to import native MODFLOW input file correctly when the first lines in the input file start with #. 

01/25/2016 Version 8.044

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Stream-flow Routhing (STR1) package to work correctly with MT3DMS/SEAWAT. 
  • Previously, the Stream-flow Routing (STR1) and River package (RIV) may not be used concurrently with MT3DMS. this limitation has been removed.

07/29/2015 Version 8.043

  • The maximum number of layers of the Water budget calculator is increased from 80 to 200.
  • Fixed a bug in the code that is responsible for generating the input file to the Chemical reaction package of RT3D. That bug appears only if the option "No Reaction (tracer transport)" is selected.
  • Fixed a bug in the code that is responsible for generating the input file to the Sink/Source Mixing package of RT3D/MT3DMS. The bug occured when source water concentration is assigned to a river by using the polyline input method.

12/14/2014 Version 8.042

  • Updated digital software signature to provide enhanced security.
  • Enhanced compatilibities with the ASCII DXF files exported from ArcGIS by adding the supports of the LWPOLYLINE entities in DXF files. 

08/26/2014 Version 8.041

  • Fixed a bug when loading Compaction (result of the IBS1 package) to 2D-Visualization.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented MODFLOW-2000/2005 from saving the simulation result of the IBS1 package. 

11/19/2013 Version 8.040

  • Supports Zeroth-order Reaction (Decay or Production) of MT3DMS 5.1 and later.
  • Improved ASCII Matrix import function.
  • Fixed problems in PCGN dialog box and PEST Simulation settings when running PMWIN in countries using comma as the decimal mark.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Known problem in RT3D 2.5: the program will not run if any of the Output Time (in the Output Control dialog box) is set to zero.

08/14/2013 Version 8.039

  • Fixed a "cannot open d:\rch.out" error of the water budget calculator.
  • Fixed a "MXSS must be set larger" bug when running PHT3D with a large number of drain cells.
  • Improved model conversion (import) function.
  • Improved backward compatibility with models created by older version of PMWIN.

07/28/2013 Version 8.038

  • Double-precision variables are now used by the water budget calculator for aggregating water budget results and statistics.

07/01/2013 Version 8.037

  • Fixed a bug when the Stream package is used with non-integer inflow rates to segments, and the default language of Windows is set to a language that uses comma (,) as the decimal point symbol.
  • Fixed a bug in the Stream package that preveted users from entering -1 for Inflow to a stream segment.

06/21/2013 Version 8.036

  • Fixed a bug that happened when running PEST with MODFLOW-NWT.

01/30/2013 Version 8.035

  • Fixed an integer overflow error in the polyline module of PMWIN. Cause: A double-precision variable was erroneously declared as integer, and may prevent PMWIN from generating model input files. 

11/04/2012 Version 8.034

  • Fixed an "Invalid use of Null" error when clicking on [Stage >>] button of the Reservior Package dialog box.
  • Updated the default input parameters for the Advection package of MT3DMS, SEAWAT, PHT3D, RT3D, and MT3D. The new default parameters should reduce numerical dispersion when HMOC is used. 

9/28/2012 Version 8.033

  • Fixed an "overflow" error when displaying results of a model that has more than 32767 output arrays.
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug in the Result Extractor.

9/20/2012 Version 8.032

  • Added digital code signing signature to the Setup to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed and released.  
  • Except the code signing signature, this version is identical with 8.031. 

7/05/2012 Version 8.031

  • Supports and includes MODFLOW-2005 version 1.9.01
  • Supports the Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver with Improved Nonlinear Control (PCGN) Package of MODFLOW-2005.
  • Minor bug fixes.

5/23/2012 Version 8.030

  • Supports and includes PHT3D 2.17
  • Includes MODFLOW-NWT 1.05 that is designed to solve groundwater-flow problems that are nonlinear due to unconfined aquifer conditions, and/or some combination of nonlinear boundary conditions. 
  • Supports the Newton Solver and Upstream-Weighting package of MODFLOW-NWT.
  • Optimzied the format of the user guide for iPad, Kindle, and other tablet devices.

4/11/2012 Version 8.029

  • Incresed the maximum number of data points of Field interpolator from 5,000 to 150,000. 

3/29/2012 Version 8.028

  • Addressed an issue that caused PMWIN to crash when displaying animation of simulation results in cross-sectional view. 

3/19/2012 Version 8.027

  • Fixed a format problem in the array header of the spatially variable reaction parameters (i.e., data record E7 VRC(NCOL, NROW)) of the input file of the chemical reaction package of RT3D.
  • Addressed an issue in the Chemical Reaction dialog box of MT3DMS and Sorption and Dual Domain dialog box of PHT3D where input boxes "Initial concentration for the nonequilibrium sorbed or immobile phase" are incorrectly blocked when ticking the check box "Use the initial concentration for the nonequilibrium sorbed or immobile liquid phase".

3/07/2012 Version 8.026

  • Added functions to support MT3DMS's multi-species sink/source concentration values at time-variant speficied head cells.

2/19/2012 Version 8.025

  • Added functions to support  MT3DMS's sink/source concentration at time-variant speficied head cells.

2/5/2012 Version 8.024

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when importing (converting) models with more than 40 layers.
  • Modified the behavior of importing the well package: when multiple wells are assign to the same cell, the sum of the pumping rates is assigned to the cell instead of using the latest value of he pumping rates. If density or concentration values are assigned to the wells, the average value (weighted by pumping rates) of density or concentration is assigned to the cell.

1/31/2012 Version 8.023

  • Fixed crash bug in PMPATH and Field Interpolator when using high resolution monitors (equal to or higher than 2560 x 1440 pixels).

1/25/2012 Version 8.022

  • Fixed crash bug when using high resolution monitors (equal to or higher than 2560 x 1440 pixels).
  • Fixed a bug when importing (converting) a model where apostrphes are used in the OPEN/CLOSE lines (for example. OPEN/CLOSE  'array.ref'       1.0 '(FREE)').  

1/12/2012 Version 8.021

  • Fixed crash bug when changing stress period while editing MT3DMS sink/source concentration of general-head boundary or river and the data editor is in the cross-sectional view.
  • Fixed minor problems in reading calculated concentration results of MT3DMS in the 2D Visualization tool.
  • Improved the result import function to allow importing calculated head values from models that have more stress periods than the currently opened model.
  • Loosened  the limitation of the Demo Version. All functions of PMWIN can be tested and evaluated. However, the demo version will run a model only if the number of cellls does not exceed 5000. 

11/19/2011 Version 8.020

  • Fixed crash bug when editing horizontal flow barrier on a cross-sectional view.
  • Fixed cell counting error in the number of MXSS in the second line of the MT3DMS SSM input file. MT3DMS would not run when the counting error happened.

11/05/2011 Version 8.019

  • The grid editor now allows for duplication of grid size and refinement settings.
  • The grid editor now displays cell types and cell shades of activated packages.
  • Added codes to allow persistent locations of most forms.
  • Added codes to scan physical window areas of monitors to ensure that dialogs are always visible even after hardware changes.

10/24/2011 Version 8.018

  • The water budget calculator tool now creates time series water budget data for transient models. The time series data can optionally include model-wide water budget, subregional water budget, and subregional water budget in individual layers.
  • Fixed a problem when the Surface Complexation of PHT3D is used and the default language of Windows is set to a language that uses comma (,) as the decimal point symbol.
  • SEAWAT has been updated to version 4.0.4. It has been reported that SEAWAT 4.0.3 does not run in Windows 7.

09/26/2011 Version 8.017

08/31/2011 Version 8.016

  • Fixed bugs in loading ASCII Matrix and 3D ASCII Matrix in the cross-sectional view,

08/05/2011 Version 8.015

  • Fixed bugs in the polyline input method for river, drain, general-head boundary, and streamflow routing packages of MODFLOW. For all packages, the layer numbers were not correct when the model data is assign to only one vertex of a polyline. The drain package did not work when the layer number is assigned manually. 
  • Updated the example Basic8 for simulating inundation of mining pits with the Rewetting Capability of the BCF of MODFLOW.

05/23/2011 Version 8.014

  • Fixed a start up problem of PMWN and PMPATH that occured on certain Xeon-based computers running Windows 7.

05/20/2011 Version 8.013

  • Fixed a bug in PMPATH. When a heterogenious porosity field is used, incorrect pore-velocity values are calculated on cell faces based on average porosity values of adjacent cells. This version has been corrected to use the porosity of current cell instead of average porosity between two cells.
  • Fixed a window size problem on Windows 7: When PMWIN is closed while its window was minimized, it could not be displayed normally when restarted. 

01/24/2011 Version 8.012

  • Fixed a problem in PMPATH where vertical elevation of pathlines in unconfined layers are not correctly calculated.

01/15/2011 Version 8.011

  • Added the "Dual Domain" option to PHT3D > Sorption and Dual Domain.
  • Improved handling of ASCII Matrix and 3D ASCII Matrix files to avoid mixed uses of these file types.

12/03/2010 Version 8.010

  • Fixed problems when running MT3DMS with specified source concentration values assigned to rivers or general-head boundaries. 

11/14/2010 Version 8.09

  • Fixed a bug that cause PM to crash when drawing drawdown contours for a multi-layer model with nearly 1,000,000 cells in a layer and the drawdown values of all cells are nearly zero. 

11/12/2010 Version 8.08

  • Fixed a problem in the telescoping model feature where simulated head values are not correctly transfered from the original model to the telescoped model.
  • Fixed a bug in the polyline input to the streamflow routing (STR1) package where segment inflow values cannot be varied over time periods.
  • Fixed a problem in the result reader that sometimes failed to read concentration results due to precision errors when it tried to identify arrays by comparing simulation times with a very small tolerance value.

11/08/2010 Version 8.07

  • Fixed problems in the RIV6 package if a river cell overlays a fixed-head cell.

9/21/2010 Version 8.06

  • Result extractor got a speed boost. Hydrographs are created faster (especially for huge result files).
  • Updated PHT3D from version 2.0 to 2.1. All PHT3D examples are updated and synced with the PHT3D users guide.
  • Updated MT3DMS from version 5.2 to 5.3.
  • Updated MODFLOW-2005 from version 1.7 to 1.8.

8/25/2010 Version 8.05

  • Fixed problems in CHD6 package if a time-variant specified cell overlays an inactive cell.
  • Fixed a problem in hydrographs (head-time-series curves) when the output frequency of stress period or time-step is not 1.

8/19/2010 Version 8.04

  • Fixed inconsistent display of data in the matrix browser.

7/17/2010 Version 8.03

  • Added functions for importing MODFLOW-2000/MODFLOW-2005 models. The following packages are supported: Discretization (DIS), Basic, Block-Centered-Flow (BCF6), Layer-Property Flow (LPF), Drain, General-Head Boundary, Well, River, Horizontal-Flow Barrier (HFB6), Recharge, Evapotranspiration, Stream-Flow Routing (STR7), Interbed Storage (IBS1), Time-Variant Specified Head (CHD), Reservoir (RES), Preconditioned Conjugate-Gradient 2, Geometric MultiGrid Solver, Direct Solver, and Strongly Implicit Procedure Solver. 
  • Fixed bugs in the Preference dialog box where MODFLOW versions and executables mismatched.

7/1/2010 Version 8.02

  • Fixed bugs in the code for creating input data file to the LPF package of MODFLOW-2000/MODFLOW-2005.
  • Fixed "Runtime Error 6: Overflow" when accessing head or drawdown result files that contain more than 32768 arrays of calculated results.

6/28/2010 Version 8.01

  • Result reader now works with files of size greater than 2GB

6/1/2010: Version 8.00

  • Initial Release

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