Seer3D 2.10

  • Product Detail.
  • User Guide (Last update: 8/15/2013; 5,476 KB).
  • (Last update: 4/30/2015; 45,141 KB): Installation package; Download the file, unzip its contents to a clean directory, run setup.exe, and the following the screen instruction to install the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries and Seer3D. The installed application is locked to a Demo Mode. You need a license key to unlock it to the full version. The Demo Mode works as a Seer3D Viewer that can open Seer3D models saved by the full version. In addition, the Demo Mode allows for loading a MODFLOW model with up to 5,000 cells and 3 stress periods. 
  • Sample models are available here.
  • Release notes.

Processing Modflow 8.047

  • Product Detail.
  • Pm8047_setup.exe ( Last update: 01/15/2017; 45,402 KB): Full version installation file (requires a license key starting with PMFV8 to unlock). 
  • Pm8047upgrade_setup.exe ( Last update: 01/15/2017; 45,402 KB): Upgrade version installation file (requires two license keys to unlock: a license key of Processing Modflow Pro 7.x that starts with PMWIN, and a license key of PMWIN8 that starts with PMUG8).
  • Demo Version: This file installs a full functional evaluation version that is limited to 5,000 cells and 3 layers.
  • User Guide (Last update: 07/05/2012; 7,483 KB; optimized for reading on iPad, Kindle, and web browsers).
  • (Last update: 12/24/2011;  227KB): This file contains the source code and executable that converts the (true) binary result files of MODFLOW to ASCII. Please read the source code for instruction.
  • Release notes.

Processing Modflow Pro 7.1.5

  • User Guide (Last Update: 4/6/2006; 5,843 KB).
  • Setup (Last update: 9/28/2012; 26,404 KB): Setup installs a full functional evaluation version limited to 5,000 cells. The evaluation version may be used for class-room teaching purposes and may not be used for any for-profit purposes. Registered users are recommended to download and install Setup to update your copies of Processing Modflow Pro.
  • Release notes

Processing Modflow 5.3.3

  • See here for details.

Processing Modflow-Related Publications

  • See here for details.

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